Date of Review 05/11/2013
I arrived back yesterday from the tour and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed it.  All the hotels were really nice and the tour guides excellent.  The tour guide in Siem Reap had a photographer with him who took pictures of everyone and gave us all a CD copy which was wonderful!
Annette Buddin
Abbotsford, BC  

Date of Review 17/07/2013
I would like to pass on my compliments on the recent China tour I took. For me ---it was a trip of a "lifetime". I had never travelled that far before & never in a complete tour group. Everything was very well handled with much efficiency. We all learnt to appreciate the beauty & culture of China . I have been recommending that trip to everyone. Also---the cost is very reasonable.
Dolores Mechtab
Thunder Bay, ON

Date of review 15/07/13
The tour exceeded all my expectations and was fantastic. Everything was so well organized and I think we owe that to Peng You and Michael Hi the national guide. The accommodations, meals, travel and sites were great and it seemed like we just started when the tour finished. When asked what I liked best I have a hard time picking something as I enjoyed it all. I am encouraging anyone who is interested to consider this tour and would consider going again as my memories of the trip were so great and I look forward to our reunion in the fall.
Catherine Peterson
Thunder Bay, ON

Date of Review 02/07/2013 
Thanks for organizing the tour. The best lodgings were the natural springs 
resort, the national park mountain resort and the Fullon in Taipei . The 
Nathan was good. Our driver and tour guide in Taipei were great. Highly recommended! 
Stephen Yuen  
Date of Review 02/07/2013
Just got back from Hong Kong and Taiwan today and I wanted to thank Chinapac for a delightful trip. It was absolutely fabulous. Thank you for the help to create a dream trip for my grandma as well as the entire Yuen family.
Trestin Yuen

Date of Review 18/06/2013
Your Chinapac trip was FABULOUS! Peter and I are not big fans of group tours, but we loved this trip for several reasons: the group was small; we did not do a whole lot of bus travel; the guides were absolutely maravellous--informed, friendly and efficient; the hotels and food were good. We absolutely feel we got our money's worth. Ultimately Peter and I were amazed with your tour! It was beyond our expectations!!! We have highly recommended Chinapac to our friends and look forward to do another trip with your tour company. Your guides made an enormous difference to our experience. For example, Brian, in Beijing , was outstanding! We are already considering booking another trip to China because of the experience we had with Chinapac.
Thank you for a memorable 11 days! In then near future, we look forward to booking another tour through Chinapac! 
Cindy Shantz and Peter Kistler

Date of Review 17/06/2013
I want to tell you the China tour was wonderful.  We could not have had a better guide than Michael.  He made things go very smoothly and he certainly did more than he had to and it was very much appreciated.
I would be interested in a China Pac tour to other countries and would certainly recommend China Pac to others. Thank you.
Linda MacLeod

Date of Review 03/06/2013
Dear Josie, Firstly I wanted to thank-you very much for all your assistance in booking our recent tour of China .  Of all the trips we have taken over the years this has to have been among the best we have ever taken.  “Chinapac” went above and beyond anything we could have expected.  The various hotels certainly lived up to their 5 star rating.  There was an issue with the hotel in Beijing in that it was being renovated and we (the group) we given rooms that were not quite up to par.  When we told our tour guide (Michael) the next morning, he took immediate action and we were given a room that was in keeping with what we had become used to on this trip.  The food could not have been better.  Although each place was a little different than the last, they all were excellent.  We can’t help smiling and getting excited when we are talking to other folks about this tour.  It is hard to know where to begin.  I don’t know what we enjoyed more, the various shows, the incredible educational aspect passed on through the very knowledgeable guides, or the various tours we attended, not to mention the incredible value.  We would not hesitate to recommend Chinapac to anyone.  If there were any down side to the trip it would have to be some of the public toilet facilities in that they did not necessarily have paper and squatting toilets were an experience I could have lived without.  They were all clean however.  In fact I really wanted to comment on how clean it was everywhere.   The traffic certainly was entertaining; glad I wasn’t driving, but was entertained thoroughly by some of the antics. Special thanks goes out to our guides (Michael, Jack and Tracy).
Rick & Janice Barnes

Date of Review 31/05/2013
Hi Josie, 
We are back & still suffering from jetlag. Must be the age. 
We had a wonderful experience.   People were friendly & very helpful when we needed information. 
All in all it was very enjoyable. 
Richard Corbeil

Date of Review 31/05/2013
We just returned from an incredible trip to China .   We want to thank you for the great care and planning China Pac had on this trip.   There was a little problem with late flights on the domestic flights with China Air, but all in all it was a wonderful trip.   Our head is spinning from the incredible things we experienced.  The tour guides were excellent and very knowledgeable and professional.   We felt very well taken care of and wanted to express our appreciation to you.
Also, I want to discuss our experience with your Travel Agent, named Josie.  We had never undertaken such a big trip before and it was a big decision to go.   I can tell you we have taken many trips previously in europe and North and South America , but I would have to say we would rate Josie an A+. She was very understanding and tolerant of the many questions and concerns we expressed. She responded instantaneously to the many e-mails. Was very encouraging, offering us sound advice and went over and beyond as a Travel Agent, based upon our previous experiences. She was so warm and friendly and helpful, we feel she has become a friend, and will not hesitate to recommend her and China Pac to anyone. We intend to talk a lot about our trip and already have some people interested, which we will definitely pass Josie's name and information to, when they are ready. We won't hesitate to take another trip with you.   We are interested in a couple of other places but not this year.
We will keep in touch with Josie. Thank you again.  
Stella & John Taylor

Date of Review 15/05/2013
Hi Jocelyn, We returned last week from our 14 day 5 Star China & Yangtze tour (24 April to 7 May - Rusch/Collins party, booked through our agent Bobbie Carter at Celebration Travel).
What a great trip it was. Visiting China was a wonderful experience- far more than we had anticipated, and the YangzteRiver cruise was awesome. While we did not have a national guide assigned to us, the local guides are to be commended for their kindness, enthusiasm, care, thoughtfulness and wide knowledge of China's history and culture. The efficient and professional manner in which they dealt with everything was second to none. (Eason /Beijing; Jimmy/Yichang; Jack/Chongqing; Jenny/Xian; Joe/Hangzhou/Suzhou/Shanghai, as well as the river guide Shelly on the Yanghtze 2 and Cindy/Shennong Stream). We totally enjoyed our interaction with each guide. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to all of them. Thank you for a well organized and succesful tour. This is a trip to be recommended to anyone interested in visiting China.
Ed and Del
Date of Review 30/04/2013
Just back from our tour and would like to share the groups comments with you. China was amazing, the tour was well organized and the accommodations were as promised. As spokesperson for the group I would like to mention that our International Guide (Grace) 
was at all times professional, diplomatic, caring and a true ambassador forChina- she also has a great sense of humour. Thank you once again Otis for all your assistance and we look forward to working with you again!
Bonnie Latreille, Travelquest  
Date of Review: 30/04/2013
Our trip is over and what a Fantastic time we all had. From the day that we left Calgary to the day we returned we totally enjoyed every minute of each day. My hat goes off to you and all the people that were involved in making our trip such a wonderful success. We would not have changed one thing on the trip, everyone was so impressed with the organized way that each day was set up. Michael was the Greatest guide that anyone would have wanted. He met us at the airport in Shanghaiand instantly a Friendship was developed and grew with each passing day. He is a great Ambassador of his wonderful country and as a representative of Chinapac. You have a Great person in Michael working for you. I have to tell you Otis there were many tears shed when Michael said Farewell to each of us as we left him to go through security. As we walked through we all kept looking back waving until we could see him no more. I personally have made a new Friend and I Thank You for that. I would hope that you will pass this along to Michael and his employer. When we book our next trip we will be asking for Michael. Again Otis many thanks for a wonderful trip. 
Wishing you all the Best 
Bob & Donna Dobra, Triple D Tours

​Date of Review: 26/11/2012
We had a fantastic time in China.  It was all we had hoped for...a great tour guide (Allen Guo) who was very personable, knowledgeable and well organized.  He was liked by all of us.  The tour was well planned, the itinerary was extensive, the hotels were all 5 star.  Thanks for a memorable trip, and excellent value.  Please keep us on your list in the future.  Regards,
Ron & Pat

Date of Review: 05/12/2012
It took us few weeks to recover from the severe case of the jetlag, and reflect on our recent experience touring through China (ChinaPac 21 day Ultimate Yangtze Tour, October 22 – November 11, 2012), and we are compelled to share our thoughts.
First we would like to thank you and Fiona for your help with planning and organizing our trip. Second, we would like to thank ChinaPac for well-organized tour. What a wonderful experience.
We enjoyed very much our interaction with the local guides, appreciating their deep knowledge of the China’s geographical region, culture and history, they were helping us to understand.
Hence our thanks are going to Terry, Peter, Michael, Rebecca and few others (we are very sorry  for not memorizing their names), for all their efforts to make this trip so special and memorable.
Individual commendation and special thanks however will go to our national guide, Cecilia Yang Chen. Cecilia was guiding us from our landing in Beijing to our departure from Shanghai.
Her composure,  kindness, dedication, leadership, enthusiasm, care, thoughtfulness and commitment to  our tour members were unmatched.
We were departing from China on November 11, having a distinct feeling of leaving behind a “Pearl of Shanghai”, our good and dearest young friend.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if in need of references. We will certainly recommend this ultimate experience of touring with ChinaPac to all our friends.
Attached please find one of the 16 000 pictures I have taken during the trip. This is our group with national guide Cecilia and local guide Terry, taken in front of “Temple of Heaven”.
All the best
Arthur and Ewa

Date of Review:19/10/2012  
We had a terrific time in China, thanks for your help with the trip package. The guides were excellent and did everything they could to make our trip enjoyable. 
Regarding the Terra Cotta Warriors, I enjoyed taking photos of it, but our stay there might have been a bit long, Since it's not really  possible to see the warriors except through glass or in the pit, it was somewhat disappointing. The story behind it is rather unsettling so it is a site that we viewed with mixed feelings, awe for what was created, but sadness for the lives lost so senselessly and dedicated to work that was done under conditions where there were no options but  to work for the ruler (otherwise known as slavery). That seems to be a repeating story in history unfortunately. I think it would be nice to stop at a village around there or somewhere in the countryside to see  the other side of China, since the hills around the Terra Cotta Warriors site seemed very beautiful as we were passing through. This would provide a bit of balance for the essentially  'urban' side ofChina that we saw.
Because I have breathing problems, I am glad our stop in Xian was brief.  It was an overcast day and the coal-fired generators were working. We even noticed bits of ash flying about. On the other hand, Beijing's air seemed clearer and we did see blue sky there, in spite of the tremendous traffic jams we seemed to encounter. The beautiful lakeshore at the SummerPalace was a real highlight. I think I am not alone in saying how important it is to spend time in nature, especially when life in the 'concrete jungle' is so hectic. Our final two nights at the Sheraton were a bonus, we really enjoyed the luxurious atmosphere. The food throughout our trip was exceptional. The  guides always had extra water to sell us after our daily ration ran out if we needed it. We enjoyed the glass of beer we were served with ourlunch and supper. 
Overall, we did have a wonderful trip. The things I have mentioned above are simply for your information incase they help to improve your  tour packages. It was particularly nice to have the transportation, guiding, itinerary, accommodation & meals taken care of in a country where we don't speak the language and where we have no experience getting around. We were fortunate to fall in with an excellent group of travellers which made it even more pleasant. 
Anonymous, BC

Date of Review:26/10/2012  
We had an absolutely wonderful time in China.  Everything went like clockwork – really well organized!  We woke up every morning excited to see the sights of the day.
Chinapac and our guides took excellent care of us.  The tours and meals were great.  The accommodations were excellent with the exception of the first hotel in Beijing. 
We were especially impressed how quickly Chinapac addressed the group’s dissatisfaction with the hotel and came up with a solution that completely satisfied everyone!
We were very impressed with our guides Michael and Cathy that were with us for the entire trip.  Michael was great in dealing with the medical emergency that arose.
Cathy was on our bus with us the whole time.  We thoroughly enjoyed her company and knowledge of the history of China.  She was like a “mother hen” taking care of all of us and
we will always remember her with great respect and affection.
Our 2 local guides, Jack and May also deserve mention.  Again, we really enjoyed their company and the stories that they shared about China’s history as well as life today.
The general feeling from the entire group on Bus B was that Chinapac will definitely be the tour company of choice for us for future trips!

Date of Review:26/10/2012
I too have been meaning to contact you.  It's been a couple of weeks since we've returned home and we are just nicely over the jet lag.  We enjoyed a thoroughly wonderful time in China and the memories of Beijing, Shanghai and points in between will fill our minds for many months to come.  Yes, the three gorges were very picturesque.  Our cruise along the Yangtze treated us to some beautiful scenery and allowed us to meet some very interesting people.
All of the local tour guides were very well informed and personable.  We enjoyed them all.  There was one person whose sensitivity, attentiveness and dedication directly contributed to the quality holiday experience of each of the twelve travellers in our group.  This person ensured that each day was planned for maximum efficiency and comfort for his group.  Of course I'm speaking of our national tour guide Michael Hai.  Michael has a talent for his job that I think is unparalleled.  My husband and I feel very lucky and grateful to have had Michael leading our tour.
Sincerely yours
Cheryll C
Calgary , AB

Date of Review:26/10/2012
Actually the whole trip was amazing.  Lili and Micheal our tour guides did everything they could to make us feel comfortable and secure.  We only had one glitch which was the awful hotel that was booked for us in Beijing, but we were transferred to another hotel for the last two nites which was great.  Both Michelle and I would recommend ChinaPac to anyone interested in visiting was a great experience.

Date of Review:23/10/2012 
Dear Shelly:
Just a few short lines to tell you that everything went marvelously for Ms Evans…..
She had a great trip, great organization by you, the guides were all punctual and very good..
She loved it all!.
Thank you, Shelly, for a job well done!.
John McLaren
AlexTravel & Tours....& Cruises 

Date of Review:23/10/2012 
Thanks Jocelyn for your email,  we indeed enjoy the Three Gorges Gap....howeverwould say the most impressive part of the tour was Xian and the Terracota warriors... We had a wonderful tour and the guide Mchael was great... the group we were with got along great and we were all very impressed with the tour overall.. You will receive the highest recomendation from us as well as other members of our group... We hope we will be able to travel once again with ChinaPac Tours...Thanks for the great insight to Chinese culture and the great service we enjoyed.. 
Best wishes
Frank and Claudette Duff 

Date of Review:21/08/2012 
Dear Jos,
I have heard from my clients, Mr. & Mrs. Wilkins regarding their trip to China.  They were thrilled with the trip and commented on how nice it was to not have to think about anything, that all the organizing had been done for them.  They especially appreciated seeing places that were less travelled and their knowledgeable guides.
Following are some of their comments:
We were delighted to be in a section which was not too crowded so that we could get a greater appreciation of the project. (Great Wall)
The architecture is fascinating and all very symbolic. (Forbidden City)
Sandy, our guide, was very knowledgeable and excited about the history of China.
A wonderful trip.
Thank you first to Amy for starting the itinerary and Susie and you for following up.
Best regards,
Lloyds Travel & Cruises Ltd. 
Vancouver , BC

Date of Review:03/07/2012 
Hi Fiona,
Lin and I had the best trip ever !!!!! Thank you for a great vacation. Enjoyed everything. The food was excellent, the people were very friendly, the China Pac people were excellent. Special kudo's to Michael, our National tour guide, he was the best.... The sites and history were awesome. The tour's were great. !!! We have over 2400 pictures.
Shopping and bargaining were funnn!!!!!
Everything went perfectly, bag's were looked after and checked for us and everything. Everything was well looked after.
We can't stop talking about China.
Thank you again.
Art & Linda   

Date of Review:19/06/2012 
I just wanted to pass on to you a heartfelt thank-you for providing me with an outstanding holiday. Alex did an incredible job at keeping 25 people happy!! He is outstanding. Eric, the local guide in Beijing, did a fabulous job showing off Beijign. You could tell that all the tour guides enjoyed their jobs and showing off their country!. Thank-you!
Annette D  
Ottawa , ON
Date of Review:13/06/2012 
Hi Otis I want to thank you for the nice trip you organized through David Hogg. It was very well done. David also did a great job in helping us with this trip. I would especially like to let you know that Allan our national guide was fantastic. I give him the highest recommendation. He was very pleasant, knowledgeable, well organized and most thoughful. He went out of his way to help by going to an Apple store to get me a cable i had forgotten. This he did on his own time and during rush hour. Well over and beyond the call of duty. You are very fortunate to have someone like him in your company. Sorry for the the delay in getting this to you but we went on to Japan for 10 days and are still to recover from jet lag. Again thank you for your help and thank you for having Allan be our guide.
Regards Bunny
Victoria , BC

Date of Review:13/06/2012  
Thank you to CHINAPAC for an excellent tour to China visiting Beijing, Chengde and Tianjian with an extension to Huang Shan. From our arrival in Beijing to our departure from Shanghai, the tour was organized and always on schedule. Oliver, our guide for the Beijing portion of our tour, was professional, pleasant, helpful,patient and above all very knowledgeable. The same can be said of Justin, our Huang Shan guide who also showed a level of caring for each one of us as we hiked the steep mountain. The hotels and meals were good.
A special thank-you to Jenny who helped plan our Huang Shan tour every step of the way. This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.
Having been on many tours to China, I can without hesitation say that the tour offered by Chinapac must be commended for their quality and value and therefore have not hesitation recommending them. My clients who have taken tours with Chinapac, have returned only with praise.
Vancouver , B.C.

Date of Review:11/06/2012 
Just want to thank you for the excellent tour/hotel package in Beijing. We had a great time and we enjoyed every minute of our stay there; the hotel, the food plus the shopping. Good job Otis!
North Vancouver , BC

Date of Review:08/06/2012  
My husband and I recently returned from China with ChinaPac Tour #0514-May15,2012.
Thank you ChinaPac and Angie & partner Lily for an unforgettable experience and a reminder that respect and passion for one's country is contagious! China culture and world heritage sites were brought to life our host and guide Angie Wang. Angie's exceptional language skills, education and warm personality made the China experience for us. Along with her guiding skills, she was able to juggle many itineraries, and went above and beyond the expectations of the group-in short, she managed to keep a very diverse group on time, informed, and engaged!
WE loved China, it's people, and especially the most gracious and professional Angie Wang.
Vern & Gaye 
Qualicum Beach B.C.

Date of Review:07/06/2012  
We returned last week from our wonderful Chinapac tour, (Code 0514CHSP12). We were absolutely thrilled with every aspect of the tour. Each day was so well organized, we were well taken care of and hardly had to think at all, just enjoy every minute!
We have just returned from the 16 Day 5-star China and Yangtze tour.  I chose  China Pac because I travelled with them 20 years ago and found the company reliable and gave good value.  My husband had not been there  before and wanted to go there.  China has progressed so much in the interval, that I was amazed and delighted. it was like going to a new country!
Thanks to Fiona for making the many arrangements for the trip.  She did everything to make the tour go smoothly.
And thanks to our Tour  Guide throughout the tour, Alan. He went beyond our expectations to meet our every need ,even accompanying my husband and me to a medical clinic, and accommodating my husband’s need to set his own pace during the tour.  We hope you will hire him again , so that others may experience his service.
The tour was a wonderful package, which was truly all Inclusive! We highly recommend it!
Thank you, ChinaPac! 
William and Myrtle

Date of Review:07/06/2012  
We returned last week from our wonderful Chinapac tour, (Code 0514CHSP12). We were absolutely thrilled with every aspect of the tour. Each day was so well organized, we were well taken care of and hardly had to think at all, just enjoy every minute! 
Our tour guide in Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou, Lily was wonderful, lots of fun and very informative. Our special thanks goes to Angie Wang, she was absolutely outstanding, her command of the English language, her knowledge of the country and history, her sense of humour and hard work made for an excellent time for all of us. 
When we tried to add up the cost, should we have done this amazing trip on our own, there was such excellent value for the money we paid. All of our accommodation was excellent, any small problems that arose were handled immediately and professionally. We will be recommending Chinapac to anyone who wants a wonderful holiday.
Thank you Chinapac and Dear Angie, keep up the good work!
Two Happy Canadians,
Derek & Wenda

Date of Review:04/06/2012  
Hi Jenny,
I would just like to thank you for the wonderful trip that Chinapac organized for me! I had a wonderful time and you company made travel easy! From the minute we arrivel, we were well looked after. The local guides in each city we visited were very nformative and helfful. Our accomodations were superb and we were able to experience local food and culture from each region we visited. 
I could not have asked for a better organized trip and amazing experience in China. I can't wait to do my next trip with Chinapac.
Thanks again,
Phonenix ,AZ