Date of Review:05/29/2012  
Hi Otis,
I spoke with my 4 clients yesterday and they had a fabulous time!!  They couldn’t stop talking about how Beijing beat their expectations.  They loved their guide Snow and all the arrangements Chinapac had made. 
Thank-you Otis for all your help.
Heather Tkachuk
TierOne Travel
Edmontonm ,AB

Date of Review:05/10/2012
I have just returned from the 16 day China and Yangtze tour. 
The trip was most enjoyable and well organized. 
Although all local guides were knowledgable and pleasant, I must single out the national guide Cecilia Yang Chen.
Cecilia was at all times very professional and conducted the tour flawlessly.
I feel is was her effort which made this tour an unqualified success.
I would be happy to travel with Chinapac and under her guidance again.
Peter O 
North Vancouver, BC

Date of Review: 04/30/2012 
Hi Gina
I thought I would share this Email below with you!
Our Vietnam Tour was absolutely amazing!!! Everything was perfect. The guides were fabulous. Hotels were above expectations and the food was delicious. Beautiful people, history and culture. We would highly recommend this tour!
We are interested in going to Peru next spring break. Any hopes?
Thank you for organizing this trip for us.
Thanks for the great trip your work is appreciated! 
Don Gibson
Rainbow Travel Group
Calgary, AB

Date of Review: 05/04/2012
My wife & I just took a chinapac tour and we must say we have never had a better guide. Cecila was the most complete guide we could have had. She made sure we were fully informed every step of the way. We will highly recommend your company to our friends. 
Frank & Vivian D.

Date of Review: 05/06/2012 
My wife and I have just returned from a 16 day Chinapac tour of China. (April 17th to May 2nd) I can tell you that of all of our trips throughout the world, this one was the best one we have ever had. It more than exceed our expectations. The hotels were billed as 5 star but by North American standards they were all 7 star! From the greeting by our tour guide at the Beijing airport to our emotional departure at the Shanghai airport our visit to China was nothing short of spectacular. 
Of particular note, was our national guide, Cecilia, who was with us for the complete tour. We had a group of 15, all from Canada, and with any group there are many special requests and individual needs. Without any fanfare, Cecilia looked after all of us like a true professional. Every hotel check in was quick and efficient, the restaurants were always ready for our group, the baggage handling and airline check in’s were perfect. Cecilia was extremely knowledgeable about the history and geography of her county. Our group declared her the Number 1 tour guide of all time! 
Respectfully submitted, 
Derek J.
Gibsons, BC
Date of Review: 04/29/2012
My husband, Ben, and I live in Victoria, BCCanada and we recently returned from a Chinapac vacation (Mar 24-Apr 7 2012) to China. I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time and enjoyed ourselves so much. We saw some amazing wonders, things we had never dreamed of being able to see in person, and met lots of interesting people. We also learned a lot about China, the culture and some of the people. 
We travelled with a group of 16 people and our team leaders were Rennie and Roman Yue, who I know have travelled with Chinapac on many occasions. There was one person though who was outstanding during our trip, someone who made everything exciting, explained everything very patiently and who went out of his way to take very good care of us all. That was our national guide Michael Hai. This young man had a wonderful knowledge of his country and was able to answer our questions fully. He learned all of our names by Day 2. He interacted with all of us and made us feel special. He worked well with the local guides too (who were also all very pleasant young people). Michael showed a level of caring beyond his years and I have no hesitation saying that he made the trip a very special experience for us. 
Please pass this along to "head office" or office in Shanghai where Michael is located or to whomever else should realize what a wonderful team member and employee you have. We have recommended Chinapac to many of our friends who were interested to hear of our trip. 
Kay P.
Victoria, BC

Date of Review: 04/04/2012
We just got back from a tour of Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Xian and Beijing. The trip was fabulous & made especially relaxing by our national guide Michael Hai Yan. We never had any worries; he took care of everything. The group size was perfect; we all got to know each other within a short space of time and all got along. We were never rushed; we started out at a reasonable time,9am. Everything was prepared and ready for us, never any problems. Good job Chinapac; too bad you only do Asia but then, I haven't seen all of Asia!!!
Margaret D.C.
Vancouver, BC

Date of Review: 03/24/2012 
I am e-mailing you about Grace Zhang. I wanted to let you know what a wonderful person she is. We had been planning a trip to China for over a year.
We booked a 12 day tour though China Pac in Vancouver. It was a private tour for our family. My parents who are in there 80's, 3 children ages 8, 10,15
and 7 adults. We were concerned about my parents, because of there age and my niece who has several food allergies. We spoke to Cindy at China Pac and she recommended a National Guide.
Cindy said Grace was one of the best. We met Grace in Beijing and let her know of our concerns. She told us not to worry, she would take good care of us.
We were amazed at the all the knowledge she had of all the destinations we went to. Grace always made sure that my parents weren't exhausted, on all the places we went to every day.
When it came to all our meals, Grace made sure that my niece was able to eat them and explained each dish. Some of us had special request and Grace always made sure she had an answer for us.
Grace has made our trip to China a very memorable and pleasant one, especially for my parents which they will never forget.
We will never forget her and will miss her very much. Could you let her know she went above and beyond.
Thank You,
Lawrence L.
Vancouver, BC

Date of Review: 03/23/2012
My name is Wendy Laws and I recently returned home from the above mentioned trip. I would be extremely remiss if I did not let you know how wonderful this experience was for me. Personally, this was a trip of a lifetime I shall never forget. Thank you.
I also need to thank you for giving us Hai Jin as our National Guide; what an amazing job he did! You have a true gem in Hai Jin and I sincerely hope you, as a company, appreciate his talents. When Hai Jin needed to be sure all 21 of us were listening and paying attention, he did that. When the situation allowed for brevity and fun; it was there in his sense of humor and participation with the group. Whatever the situation was, his competence and professionalism was evident. His caring, thoughtfulness, knowledge and understanding shone brightly in EVERY situation. Hai Jin made sure we were always safe, learning about China and having fun.
The transportation arrangements worked perfectly, we even had the unique experience of the Xian train station. Although that was stressful, it was a true China experience and I am glad we did it. The organization of this trip and all the related aspects flowed seamlessly; a testament to your organization and staff!
I would not hesitate to book another trip to China, what a wonderful place. I also will not hesitate in recommending ChinaPac to anyone I know who is interested in traveling to China. 
Thank you for all your efforts and skill, and especially thank you for Hai Jin.
Wendy Laws

Date of Review: 03/23/2012
I wanted to take a moment to send off some feedback from both my mother and I reference the 12 day MAC tour that we just completed.
First and foremost I wanted to pass on my best regards and recognition for our tour guide Hai Yan (Michael). He conducted his duties with the utmost of efficiency, caring and kindness. He cared for us like a shepherd cares for his flock and made everyone feel welcome and safe. When there were other tour guides Hai Yan still remained vigilant and made sure that we were all present and accounted for. 
My mother celebrated her 75th birthday while we were in Hangzhou and Hai Yan arranged for a birthday cake and help make that experience more special. He understands the little details that make a trip like this memorable.
I really don’t know if there could have been a better guide! 
As far as the itinerary is concerned, one of the highlights of the trip for me was the Xi’an wall. As this was an add on to our tour we had a little over an hour to explore and enjoy the site. I was able to rent a bicycle and completed the 14km circuit of the city wall in under an hour. I would highly suggest that this be added in future as an option as a guided tour. It was an excellent way to see the city and cover a great distance other than by foot and by bus. 
Another possible itinerary change/addition I would suggest is seeing Pudong, Shanghai at night. The cityscape at night is amazing and really does not take too long to do, possibly after dinner the first night.
Overall we had a great time and experience, my thanks to the local guide(s) and staff for making it fun and informative. The weather worked in our favour, and a surprise snowfall made our trip to the Great Wall that much better.
Chris A.

Date of Review: 03/23/2012
We all got home safe and sound from the March 9,2012 China tour - this tour exceeded any expectations that I had!!! From the moment we started out to the very end, it was well organized and safe as well as informative and fun. 
Our national guide, Shanghai Michael - or in his Chinese name - Hai Jin - was outstanding - he quickly understood the mechanics of our group and was able to deal with each personality and everyone's needs quietly and professionally, while also giving us the information that we needed and helping us to understand China - its history, culture, language and art. This group consisted of 21 people from age 14 - 86 years old, 2 were single room people, 5 upgraded on the train, at least 3 were from Toronto and the rest from BC, 6 didn't eat pork, 2 arrived a couple of days before the rest of us, there was 2 travel agents in the group - etc. and Michael handled these differences and much more, with grace and efficiency. The 3 local guides we had were fine but Hai Jin who was with us the entire time, got to know us and we got to know him.
The meals were fantastic !!! - although I was happy to see lots of Western style choices for breakfast, including good coffee, being exposed to so many new tastes and textures in the other meals was really fun. The air arrangements between cities was seamless and the train was a new experience for us all but we did it and we all survived !!!
The hotel rooms were all really nice and the luggage handling, keys being available upon arrival and the locations were perfect. 
Thank you for helping us to arrange this trip - I have already been looking on your website for our next adventure - 
Robin Keyes
Celebration Travel

Date of Review: 3/5/2012
I was on the trip with Jeannie and I can say it exceeded our expectations. The sites were spectacular but we expected that. The hotel rooms were much better than I expected - the Garden hotel in Suzhou was truly a 5 star hotel. We did have problems with the heat control in Beijing. We thought the hotel in Xian was perfectly fine.
The food was also better than I expected. All breakfast options were very good to great. The other meals were all very good. I do understand that coming from the West we have so much choice that eating Chinese food everyday, even good food, did get a bit monotonous. However I did have some Western food in the airport in Beijing and it was not very good. I would much rather have good Chinese food for a week than poor western food. We really enjoyed the meals in Xian with dumplings and noodles and the Peking Duck meal in Beijing.
Alex far exceeded our expectations - very professional but also very entertaining with a dry sense of humour. The organization of the tour was also excellent with a real effort to minimize travel time.
The train trip was a real experience - I thought it was an authentic Chinese experience but it was a bit scary and not enjoyed by most people including my wife.
I've already recommended the trip and your company to a couple of people.
Derek A.

Date of Review: 03/09/2012
Just a quick note to thank you so much for the wonderful fam sponsored by Destination Asia and Chinapac to Thailand. 
The country is fascinating and what I learned about the country and culture will be very helpful when educating clients. 
Our tour guide, Luis was terrific, as well as our driver, Mr. Black. 
Kudos on a fantastic trip! 
Thanks again. 
Ruth S.
Burlington, ON

Date of Review: 03/06/2012
Our FAM was simply wonderful. Louis our tour guide and Black our driver did a wonderful job of looking after us. We saw so much of Thailand -- I hope I can send lots of clients to you. 
We had very hot weather in Bangkok for 3 days and then the weather was perfect for the rest of the time -- with no rain. 
I really liked Ruth and Michael -- and we got along as though I had known then for ever. 
I returned home last night and there was not one problem the whole time. 
Again Cindy, thank you and your company so much for this wonderful FAM. 
Nepean, ON

Date of Review: 2/27/2012
I was privileged to have travelled with Jeannie Henke on the recent trip to China. I wanted to send you a message saying that I was impressed with the organization that Chinapac put into the trip. I had every confidence in Jeannie as she is an excellent travel agent however, there is nothing like experiencing the trip itself to be able to give comment with confidence. 
In particular, I wanted to express my appreciation for our tour guide, Alex. He was one of the most conscientious and informed persons I have encountered. His organizational skills and ability to anticipate every issue and need of the group was outstanding. He was extremely knowledgeable and respectful in all ways. In my opinion he is a valued employee of Chinapac who represents your company extremely well. He is an asset that I am sure will experience continued success and no doubt career advancement in your company. 
I look forward to encouraging other friends adn clients of the wonderful tour services offered by Chinapac. 
Theresa Marie

Date of Review: 12/12/2011
I would like to thank you for arranging the most wonderful trip to China for myself and my husband.
We had an amazing time, everything worked out perfectly, there was a large delay on the return, but these things happen.
The tour guides were wonderful and spoiled us, the knowledge we have gained about China will be a great asset and I hope I can send some clients your way.
I will do a report to send to our 8 offices. 
The schedule was fantastic and we certainly covered a lot of ground. Our tour manager in Shanghai, Alan Weixing, was outstanding.  What a great person he is... I felt like an Empress.
Best Regards,
UNIGLOBE Geo Travel 
Victoria , BC  

Date of Review: 12/01/2011
Our voyage to China is the best one ever of all the destination we had over the years.
Over the fact that China is a marvellous place to visit, the exceptional work of Tony, our guide, made it even better.  Tony is a dedicate guide of your organization  He made us feel welcome.  He is very good and efficient.  He is on top of problem always ready to assist anyone with special need, very attentive to his group. Overall we felt secure and protect during our trip and we were never place into difficult situation as we were well brief all the time.  Tony support us with his expertise to help us understand  the country.  He also help us with his advice .  His advice where sound and trustworthy .  At every destination the planning was exceptional always in the best interest of the group . Tony made sure that every where we were well receive , well take care and every activities were as easy and enjoyable as possible . 
Tony is also very generous.  He is outstanding teacher and understand that teaching is more than exposing knowledge.  He is patient and repeat information to be sure that it was well understood.  Tony also approach everyone with a nonjudgemental attitude which made everyone feel secure with him.  When  he communicate in English he is very clear, concise and easy to understand . 
We were very privilege to be with Tony on that trip in China .  We  strongly recommend him for any  Seacourse trip in the future.
A trip with Tony is a fun Trip .
Pierre T. & Christiane D. 

Date of Review: 11/24/2011 
I had the pleasure of doing a 16 day tour of China with your company in october. The tour was excellent and very good value for the money. I would not hesitate to recommend Chinapac to any one who is contemplating a trip to China particularity if it is their first time.
We were most fortunate to have an excellent guide, Tony Hou. Tony has a great wealth of knowledge, not only about ancient China but also China as it is today. His energy and dedication to his profession was very much appreciated by me and the group I was with. 
Thank you ChinaPac and Tony for a memorable trip to China. 
Fred C

Date of Review: 11/18/2011 
I would like to comment on our recent two-week land tour through China. The trip was organized by Dr. Martin Gerretsen and Harvey Strydhorst of Sea Courses Cruises (based in Vancouver) and Tony Ho of your agency was our on-site travel guide. He co-ordinated and managed a group of 42 physicians and spouses through a maze of cities and historical sites with great patience and a large degree of skill.
As a result of his efforts, our group's trip through China was so much more than we imagined it could be. The culture difference was so very dramatic and fascinating. And personally, my wife Carla and I had a wonderful time.
I have been a meeting planner, concierge and conference moderator for more than 30 years and Tony was one of the most organized and co-ordinated travel guides I have ever encountered. Every event throughout the tour went like clockwork, was on time and without conflict. Tony was very informative, efficient, detailed, patient and frequently humourous. His language skills were excellent and the best of all the guides we encountered.
Sea Courses had arranged for more than twenty five hours of conference presentations in a half-dozen locations including two off-site hospital visits. There were no problems with the conference sessions and the audio-visual equipment and meeting rooms set ups were handled most efficiently.
Good points to be made about the trip are:

  • The excellent manner in which the luggage was handled. Never a problem
  • Hotels were really superior. Room keys were always available whenever we walked into a hotel lobby.
  • Boarding passes for the various flights were also available whenever we entered an airport. (How can you do that?)
  • Shopping trips were very well orchestrated, had good variety (jade, silk, lacquer & pearls) and the doctors made a number of worthwhile purchases
  • The sight-seeing tours were absolutely wonderful, interesting and of good variety
  • The evening shows were spectacular – also with good variety and excellent quality performances (acrobats, kungfu and Peking Opera)
  • The numerous meals were always ready and the food, while different to what we were all familiar with, was well prepared and well presentedAll in all, we had a wonderful trip devoid of any problems.

Thank you to Tony for keeping us on track and safe in a land that is so exciting albeit unfamiliar to us all.
Peter B 

Date of Review: 11/18/2011 
I returned a week ago from a 2 week trip to China with SeaCourses/Chinapac. Although only 2 weeks it seemed like a month. It was packed fully with activities in Beijing (Tiananmen square, Forbidden city, gardens, Peking opera, Kung Fu show), the Great Wall, 4 day riverboat trip up the Yangtze to see the dam and locks, Suzhou (Venice of the Orient) and Shanghai. The hotels were best I have seen. The buses were top quality. All of the meals were included, with breakfast at the hotels in both NA and Chinese style. Lunch and dinner were mainstream Chinese with occasional exotic (jellyfish). The Sichuan meal was very good. Wine was “ma ma hu hu” (so, so). There was ample time to see traditional Chinese factories (jade, cloisonné, silk comforters, embroidery, and furniture) and buy items if desired. Between major activities were fun stuff like rickshaw and gondola rides. The real joy of the trip was it was totally effortless due to our really exceptional guide, Tony Ho. The entire luggage was totally looked after amongst all of the plane flights, boat, and bus trips. When we arrived anywhere all of the tickets were right there. The meals were always ready to go as we stepped off the bus and sat down in the restaurant. We never waited for anything. For the ladies Tony was always very careful to find reasonable washrooms with western style toilets. Tony was very diligent not to lose anyone in the crowds and was very capable in dealing with any individual’s issues. When there was time on the bus Tony was constantly teaching us the language, customs and history of China. It was a very enjoyable, carefree, and enlightening tour. I would highly recommend as long as you don’t have mobility issues (i.e. lots of walking).
Ross & Lynn H 
Vancouver, BC

Date of Review: 11/21/2011 
We are back from our tour and want to thank you for a truly wonderful experience. Everything was arranged perfectly. The tour guides were excellent and worked hard to make sure we were well taken care of. We never had to wait for our guides to meet us. Our accommodations were excellent.
The scheduling was perfect.
We appreciate the work you did to set this up for us. You can be sure that our friends know about you and Chinapac.
Best Regards,
Marian & Dick 

Date of Review: 11/15/2011 
I have just returned from the 16 day tour (Oct 28-Nov12) with Sea Courses, guided by Tony Ho. We had a very good, very educational tour. Tony taught us a lot. What a good teacher! I remember everything (well almost everything). What an amazing country, and changing so quickly. Tony gave us very valuable insights into how China is growing so fast economically without losing sight of some of the important values of Chinese culture. Fascinating. The Yangzte river was very beautiful. I highly recommend this tour to anyone interested in China, and in particular Tony Ho is a fantastic guide, solicitous, amusing, and highly organized and informative.
Thank you Chinapac,
Clarissa W 
New Westminster, BC 

Date of Review: 11/16/2011 
This trip to China is a memorable trip that was conducted by expert hand day after day. Like a conductor of an orchestra Tony was present from beginning up to the very end of this trip. He answered our questions with ease with lots of detail, and through his knowledge we have learned a lot about the Chinese culture. 
During all the trip, everything was perfect: hotels, restaurants, transportations, visits, excursions, transfer by plane, cruise, etc. There was no time wasted at any moment. Everything ran smoothly and perfectly. Thanks to the good organisation and planning that Tony did during the hole trip. 
Claire G. & Pierre G. 
Port-Cartier, QC 

Date of Review: 11/14/2011 
We have just returned home after a fabulous trip to China with Tony, the world's best guide, teacher, and culture interpreter. We learned about where China has been, where it is now, and its goals for the future. We arrived, nervous, with 6 rolls of toilet paper between us and left all of them in our hotel room at the end of the trip! We had fabulous meals, exposure to Chinese culture and art; and came away with a totally different view of China. China is not like home, but that is why we want to see everything and learn. Thank you Tony for your excellent interpretation of your country's history, present day challenges, and a peek to future possibilities. This trip was a highlight for us. 
Marg & Gord B. 
Surrey, BC 

Date of Review: 11/15/2011 
We have recently returned from our 16 day China and the Yangtze trip. What a wonderful holiday and we have been telling our friends and passed on the information to several people. We have also advised them that they defenetily need to have Tony as their guide. This man was full of knowledge on any subject that was brought up. Tony made the trip even more interesting as he made us feel that he was there to take care of us, which he did constantly. Need money come to the bank of Tony or if you wanted special directions he was right there to help. Need a special restaurant, pops into the restaurant with you and points out which dishes you should try. He was the greatest guide we have ever had and would recommend him to everyone. I hope everyone who travels to China gets a Tony. 
Sue P 
Ontario, Canada