​Chinapac: Customer Reviews

​Date of Review: 18 Dec 2018  - Vietnam & Cambodia private tour (21 Nov - 03 Dec, 2018) 
Hi Harry,
We are home safe Monday night. All our guides were very experienced, professional and helpful. They made our journey most enjoyable, comfortable and memorable. We learned so much about very complicated history of both countries. They were particularly very passionate in explaining about tragic wars and invasions that ordinary people had to suffer in recent history. It was very valuable and powerful for us to know the fact that local people like our guide actually had experienced. It was a great history lesson for us. We also enjoyed watching people's life in cities and rural areas. People in both countries are very gentle. Over-all, we fully enjoyed our entire trip with the 13-days well arranged itinerary and we are home with satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment. We were also lucky no sickness, no accident happened. Thank you so much for all the work you've done for us to make our holiday up to expectation. Your prompt response to our frequent questions was very much appreciated. We appreciate your professionalism. 
Akiko and Jim
Vancouver BC

Date of Review 30 Apr 2015  - 12 Day Super China
Our tour guides in Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou were splendid. In Xian he was very outspoken and in Beijing – gentle and careful and knowledgeable.
M. Hubinette
Vancouver BC

Date of Review 22 Mar 2015 – Vietnam and Cambodia Tour
Very organized, great hotels and guides who have an amazing amount of information both historical and cultural. Very safe sites that were chosen were awesome. I took a day off going to more temples because I wanted to take a Tuktuk and just feel the downtown atmosphere. The local food is delicious and the local people were very nice.
Date of Review 22 Dec 2014 - 12 Day Super China
We would like to say thank you for putting together the 12 Day China Trip in October. Our limited group was excellent and we have nothing but positives regarding the tour. We look forward to continuing our patronage with Chinapac in the future.
Tracy and Sharon
Port Alberni, BC

Date of Review 10 Dec 2014
All of us had a marvellous time. We were fortunate that we all got along famously and would willingly travel together again sometime in the future.
Margot and David Hogg
Victoria, BC

Date of review 07 Oct 2014 – 12 Day Super China
Thank you Chinapac for putting the 12 Day Super China tour from September 17th to September 28th together. I had a really amazing time seeing the sites of China and learning their culture. The trip was exciting, refreshing and memorable. Your tour guides Allen, Kara and Michael were awesome.  
J. Truijien
Winnipeg, MB  

Date of review 20 Sep 2014 – 17 Day Super Vietnam and Cambodia
Nice group, Terrific guides, Hotels. The Saigon Palace has a comfortable room, good breakfast and great location. Had a good time. The guides are very well prepared with all the information.
M. Goll-Lucas
Nanoose Bay, BC  

Date or Review 24 Jul 2014
I am writing to give my big thanks to Ms Cindy Liao, an outstanding and hardworking staff. She has patience and knowledgeable and always wear a smile in her voice, no matter how demanding we are, she always smile. Without her help , I am sure we won’t have these 2 groups work out so smooth and I do hope that your local agency in China will keep the same Way as Cindy and not to spoil our relationship.
Thanks for your support to our groups and request and for sure I will work with Cindy more and more!
Best regards,
Travel Unique Inc
Scarborough , ON

Date of Review 05 Jun 2014
Thank you Chinapac from 2000 Travel Group travelled on May 10-17. It was an awesome trip! Great Value and well oraganized!
Roman of 2000 Travel 
Vancouver, BC

Date of Review 23 May 2014
We escorted a group of 30 Canadians to India and Sri-Lanka on our second tour to India organized by Chinapac in March-April 2014 of this year. The tour this was filled with wonder, color and intrigue. We visited Holy sites, Shrines and Temples, Great hillside Forts, the majestic Taj Mahal, Varanasi and the mighty GangesRiver where we had both a spectacular sunrise and sunset cruise while rubbing shoulders with masses of humanity. We saw beautiful countryside, teeming cities, centuries of history and pastoral landscapes. We rode elephants and threw bright colors all over each other during the amazing Hindu festival of Holi. We returned each evening to wonderful accommodation and food and all the comforts we expected from a 4 and 5 star quality tour. Thank you once again Jenny and the folks at Chinapac for another amazing adventure!   
Dr. Brad Kent
Nanaimo, BC

Date of Review 27 May 2014
We had just return from  the Chinapac 11 Day I Can't Believe I am inChinatour May 8 - 18, 2014.
We would like to offer our heartfelt appreciation to Philip for everything he did for us. Right from the initial email to our return toCanada. We had never travelled abroad before and Philip's assistance was professional and greatly appreciated.  There were many times, but by example as we were inVancouverand realized our seat assignments were not appropriate, it was Philip who managed to obtain the seating for all flights for us which helped make travel easy. There were many examples of our positive experiences with Philip. Thank You, and we would certainly ask for you in the future.  And Yes, we would definitely consider another trip in a year or two.
Terry and Terri Wozniak
Wadena, SK

Date of Review 3 Apr 2014
All of us from the Biggar group, including myself, enjoyed our trip to Thailand and the service from our guides! I highly recommend the same tour that we experienced with Chinapac!
T. Darroch
Biggar, SK

Date of Review 25 Mar 2014
I have to tell you that this trip had been fabulous!  Our guide and driver in India were amazing and Holi was so much fun! The memories we have made here are incredible and we want to thank you for helping us with our itinerary.
Chinapac has always provided good service with our trip to China and Bali too. 
R. Heppner
Maple Ridge, BC

Date of Review 17 Feb 2014
We had a great trip, the tour details went very well, and the tour guides were friendly and knowledgeable in every city, and the drivers were excellent as well. Our favorite sites to visit were the Terracotta Warriors, and the Great Wall, but each day had very interesting tours and sites to see. Our meals and accommodation was top notch.  We especially enjoyed the Chinese acrobat show we saw in Shanghai. We were very pleased with the Chinapac tour, staff and accommodations.
Thanks for all your help! 
B & H. Mcholm and D. Mccaw
Saskatoon, AB