Chinapac: China Visa

Travel Visas for entering China include Group Tourist Visa, Student Visa, and Multiple-entry/Business Visa. We have provided more information regarding each type of travel visa below:

  • Canadians can now apply for multiple entry visa which is valid for a certain period of time as approved by a China visa center officer. Send us the completed China Visa application, your passport, and one 2x2 size colour picture. Other passport holders who have a valid Canadian immigration status can only apply for single or double entry visa.


            Click here for more information and how to acquire China tourist visa.

  • Group Tourist Visas require a group of at least 5 members, a confirmation letter from a provincial tourist bureau or government-authorized Chinese travel agency, a name list of the whole group in triplicate and one photocopy of the information page of each passport. Also required is one 2x2 size colour picture and occupation of the traveler.

  • Student Visas please use either form JW202 or JW201 issued by the State Education Commission of China. You will be required to submit a notice of admission from your receiving university. An "X" visa is issued for those who study in China over 6 months and "F" visa for those who study in China less than 6 months.

For Travel to Tibet, a permit can be arranged free of charge when purchasing a package from Chinapac International. Contact our office for more information.

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