General Information of China


China’s climate varies greatly due to its vastness. As it lies in the northern

hemisphere, the weather is considered most temperate during the months

of April, May, September and October. The months of June, July and

August are typically hot and humid. It is cooler in the months of November

and March, while the remainder of the year will bring cold weather in

North China and moderate in the South.


The official currency used in the People’s Republic of China is Renminbi, with the exception of

Hong Kong and Macau who uses Hong Kong Dollars and Macanese Pataca respectively.


                                                                          As with everything else in China, Chinese cuisine also represents the                                                                                        diversity of the country. Many styles have been developed and evolved in                                                                                  different regions in China among which are Sichuan, Shandong and                                                                                            Cantonese cuisines. Dim Sum is also a popular Chinese meal which means                                                                                snack, where a person tastes a variety of different dishes and is usually                                                                                      enjoyed with tea. Rice and flour are staples in Chinese food.

Despite having many variant dialects, Mandarin is the official and most commonly used language across China, with 70% of its population adept to speaking it. However, tourists will learn that English is becoming more and more widely spoken in the country especially in its major urban cities.

Electricity & Voltage

220 volt is used throughout China. Most 4 and 5-star hotels can accommodate use of

110 volt electrical appliance; however it is best to bring your own electrical adaptors 

as they are not easily available in some hotel properties in China.

Travel to China

Tourists who plan on visiting China are required to obtain a Chinese visa prior to entering the country. It is also important to note the many discrete living, cultural and religious customs and standards that are being practiced in various parts of China which may be greatly different from North America.