Bangkok , the capital city of Thailand, was founded in 1782 by the

first monarch of the present Chakri Dynasty. Nearly 15 million

people live in and around Bangkok accounting for approximately

one fifth of the total population of Thailand. Thailand was not

colonized by western powers, so its distinct culture is still well

preserved. Within Bangkok, there are hundreds of Buddhist temples,

beautiful palaces and modern amenities like shopping malls, the

incredible Chao Phraya River and many more attractions. Bangkok 

is Thailand’s political, commercial, cultural, and spiritual centre.

Grand Palace

All Thailand tours to Bangkok should visit the Grand Palace. The

Grand Palace consists of three main buildings: the Amarin Vinitch

Throne Hall, the Dusit Maha Prasat Palace, and the Chakri Maha

Prasat Palace. The Amarin Vinitch Throne Hall was originally a

Hall of Justice.

Now it is used for coronation ceremonies. The Dusit Maha Prasat

Palace was first used as a venue for royal audiences but now it has been turned into a Royal Funerary. The Chakri Maha Prasat Palace is not open for public tours. It is used for royal banquets to honour visiting heads of state.

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Wat Phra Kaeo (or “the Temple of the Emerald Buddha”) is a royal

chapel that contains the 14th century jade statue called the Emerald

Buddha. The relic is said to have been formed when a lightning bolt

struck a chedi in Chiang Rai, around 1434. It was later discovered

that the nose had a crack and the interior was green. In 1778, King

Rama I brought the Emerald Buddha to Bangkok. Each year, the

reigning king gives it three different seasonal ceremonies: one for

summer, one for winter, and one for spring.

Floating Market

The floating market in Bangkok provides an entertaining experience

of local life. The small canals (called klongs) are crowded with flat

boats full of fruits and vegetables, fresh coconuts and even cooked

specialties in flat boat kitchens. Thailand vacation packages usually

include a trip to this vibrant marketplace.

Canal Banks

The canal banks of Bangkok are truly an amazing experience for

Thailand travellers. On the journey, visitors can watch local people

busy with daily activities. The Saen Saeb Canal is the longest canal

in Bangkok and connects the Chao Phraya River to the Bang

Prakong River.

​Rose Garden

​Suan Sam Phran (also known as “the Rose Garden”) consists of 30

hectares of beautifully designed and well-crafted gardens and a lake.

In the Rose Garden, Thai tourists can experience local restaurants,

Thai boxing, sword fighting, an elephant show and various cultural

shows. There are also many areas to have a quiet picnic. The Rose

Garden is a perfect day excursion from Bangkok’s busy city life.