Chinapac: Shopping & Bargaining in China

What can I buy in China?
Most Asia travelers return home raving about the bargain shopping in China. China is famous for its jewellery, silk, carpets, Chinese calligraphy, paintings and jade, all of which can be purchased at much lower prices than in North America. Plan to travel light and carry an extra bag for all the great gifts and souvenirs you want to buy.

What are the best places to shop on my China tour?
Here are some of the best shopping districts for tourists in China:


  • Red Bridge Shopping Plaza, Hongqiao Market & Pearl Market
  • Night Market, near the Holiday Inn Lido
  • Silk Alley, Jianguomennei Dejie Beijing
  • Oriental Plaza , Wangfu Jiang Street


  • Nanjing Road
  • Huai Hai Road

Is it rude to bargain with Chinese merchants?
No! Bargaining in China is acceptable, and, in fact, expected. You can bargain over almost anything, especially unmarked goods sold in open markets. Items are marked up dramatically to make room for expected haggling. If you see something you like, don’t buy it right away. Instead, shop around and compare—you can always go back for the item you want.

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