Chinapac: Food, Languages & Dress in China

What will I eat on my China tour?
Our tour pages specify the types of meals available each day. These commonly include:
B = American-style buffet breakfast at hotels and on the Yangtze River cruise.
L = Chinese lunch in a Chinese restaurant. There will usually be 8–10 persons per table. Through the course of the meal, the table will receive 6–8 different dishes, usually consisting of seasonal vegetables, fish, chicken, soup and, occasionally, beef. Meals are catered for North American clientele.
D = Chinese dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Dishes will be similar to lunch.    

What is there to drink on Asia tours?
During meals, you’ll have a choice of water, Chinese tea, one glass of Chinese beer or one soft drink.
During breakfast there will be a selection of juice, coffee and tea. If you are an all-day coffee drinker, we recommend that you bring your own dried milk and coffee, as hot water is available.
Tap water and ice can be unpalatable unless you are in a nice restaurant or hotel. Bottled water is readily available and recommended.

Will North American food be available on my China tour?

Western meals are available at your own expense at hotels and restaurants. Be aware that you will pay North American prices at these establishments. During sightseeing activities, you’ll need to stay with your group, as the restaurants are not near your hotel.
Many tourist areas offer a wide variety of North American and international cuisines.

Can Chinapac cater to allergies and other dietary requirements?
If you have food allergies and other special meal requests, please inform your Chinapac travel agent so that arrangements can be made. We will try our best to meet your needs. Please be aware that some special meals might not be available in China.

Is all Chinese food the same?
China is a big country, home to many different cultural groups. China’s many cuisines represent the diversity of the country. Many styles have evolved in different regions in China, such as Sichuan, Shandong and Cantonese cuisines. Dim sum is a popular Chinese meal during which you’ll eat small bites of various dishes with tea. Though Chinese cuisine varies widely from region to region, rice and flour are always staples.

What language is spoken in China?
China is home to many languages, but Mandarin is the country’s official and most commonly used language. On your China tour, you’ll note that English is commonly used and understood, especially in urban areas. Many other languages/dialects are spoken in different regions and smaller cities.

What clothing should I bring on my China tour?
Dress appropriately, both for the weather and also to respect the locals. Casual, comfortable clothing (T-shirts, blouses) are suitable. We recommend bringing a couple of shirts, sweaters, and a jacket on your tour, depending on the season. All hotels offer reliable laundry and dry cleaning services. Good comfortable walking shoes are a must—there will be a fair amount of walking involved during sightseeing. For more formal occasions, a shirt and tie for men and a dress or suit for women will be fine.

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